BYJU’S focuses on gamification to make math fun for Class 4 & 5 students

Image/BYJU'S App

Image/BYJU’S App

The BYJU’S Math App combines games, simulations and fun byte sized videos from India’s best teachers

Bengaluru: BYJU’S, India’s largest education technology company and the creator of country’s largest K-12 app announced the launch of itsgamified app for lower grades, the BYJU’S Math App. The application has been designed to offer younger children a platform to explore the world of math through games, interactive videos and quizzes.

Ideated, designed and developed in-house, the class 4 and 5 app merges appealing features of game design and technology with innovative and rich interactive videos that creates a whole new and fun way for students to strengthen their foundation in math.This app is available both on iOS and Android.

The BYJU’S Math App combines games, simulations and fun byte sized videos from India’s best teachers who teach abstract math concepts visually and contextually. This unique combination makes the whole process of learning math easier as well as helps students understand how it is applied and used in real life.

“The idea with our new app is to get children curious and interested in math. The app has been designed and developed to help students learn math easily by relating to real life examples. We understand that what works with children of this age is to teach them through mini concepts and fun byte size videos, rather than overloading them with heavy long drawn lessons. The app has broken down every concept into smaller bits. Additionally, the mix of video and learning games offer students mini goals after learning every concept which makes the learning process flexible and easy.”, Ranjit Radhakrishnan, Chief Product Officer, BYJU’S commented.

Image/BYJU'S App

Image/BYJU’S App

Overall, the app offers videos that explain concepts in a very simple manner by using analogies, animations, graphics and in-air projections.

The app has learning games that help students understand concepts and the testing games that help them reinforce the concepts learnt.

In fact, each game has multiple stages with different difficulty level. Every win is rewarded through points to boost the player’s confidence and nurture their interest to learn math.

Ranjit further added, “Our team of experts has designed games at correct intervals of every lesson so that the every student can play and understand the concept on their own after they learn the concept through videos. The focus of the app is to personalize learning and help students learn and understand better at their own pace and style. The use of rich video content and interactive game play will ensure that students have better understanding and retention.”

Talking about the rich and unique content of this app, Vinay Ravindra, Chief Content Officer said, “Math is one of the most loved as well as feared subjects. Students often overlook the fact that math concepts are interwoven in their daily lives and not as abstract as it may seem.


At BYJU’s, our aim is to create learning experiences that will help every student get over the fear of math by learning it in the correct way.

We strongly believe that the interactive games and simulations will encourage students to learn a lot more by applying the math concepts in real life scenarios.

The rich content and delivery mode of this app will be pushing the boundaries in which concepts are being taught and the way children learn, allowing them to grasp concepts faster and get curious about learning math all over again.”

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