With a camera, Anija Jalan is reaching for the stars

Anija-JalanAnija Jalan dropped the idea of doing masters to pursue her passion.
Now, she is one of the successful young startup entrepreneurs in Kerala, creating a niche market in wedding photography

Meet Anija Jalan from Cochin, she is one of the finest examples for making a successful career out of your passion. She is a professional photographer, more than that a celebrity wedding photographer.

A girl who likes to do what she loves, Anija has created a niche market for women-specific wedding photography.  That, indeed, is her USP.

Anija, hails from Kaloor in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, has been passionate about photography since her childhood days. But she never thought of taking it as a profession, until she was compelled by the situations to cover a wedding photo shoot in the absence of her friend, who was in charge of that wedding photography.

” I was just accompanying the team for the shoot, everything was set for the marriage and bride is ready for the photo shoot, my friend could not reach the venue due to some emergency personal issues, and I had some sort of experience with handling professional camera. I thought it was my responsibility to help my friend, thus I did the photo shoot. I was a little bit worried, because it was my professional first shoot, that too for a wedding. But everything went good and I was surprised with the great and encouraging feedback from the bride and family. They were more comfortable with a woman photographer like me, than males.  Then, I realized, there is a great opportunity for women wedding photographers in our country,” says Anija Jalan tells The Education Post.

“For me, success is my risk-taking attitude. If my decision was to go for higher studies then, I wouldn’t have achieved all these. My success was my choice and that will be in the future too”

After completing her bachelor’s degree in visual communication, her family was compelling her to go for master’s degree. She got confused.

Her mind got into trouble, whether to go for the master’s degree or to take up photography as career.

Even though most of the people came with negative comments, she decided to pursue her passion.  Some of her friends and relatives supported her to go with her passion. Finally, Anija dropped the idea of postgraduation, and took the camera. That was the beginning of a celebrated woman wedding photographer.

Anija Jalan
Anija Jalan

Brides are more comfortable with women photographers, and there lies my chance, says Anija. She has completed more than 200 wedding shoots within a short span of time. While going for wedding shoots, she mastered the new techniques of wedding photography and photo styling.

Anija Jalan with Malayalam actor Mohanlal
Anija Jalan with Malayalam actor Mohanlal

The entrepreneur

After establishing a self-made photographer identity, Anija realized the power and need of quality wedding photo shoots. Without a second thought, she ventured into entrepreneurship.  That’s the story of Popinz Media, a complete platform for multiple kinds of photo shoots.

She also runs another start up titled, Viva Brides with her friend Aleesha, which offers all kinds of wedding support to the bride including wedding purchase, make up, wedding photography.

What makes Viva Brides unique is that here every service is being done by women.

For me, success is my risk-taking attitude. If my decision was to go for higher studies then, I wouldn’t have achieved all these. My success was my choice and that will be in the future too,” says Anija.

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