Meet 7-year-old Kicha, India’s youngest chef, who’s baking his birthday cake!

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Coocking is a passion; everyone may not get the spark of cooking. But for, the 7-year-old Kicha, cooking is as easy as breathing. When he turns seven today, he’s making his own birthday cake. Here goes the story of Kicha the, master chef! 

by Lakshmi

Nihal Raj aka Kicha from Kochi, is a wonder kid. When the children at his age engaged in playing games and watching cartoons, little Kicha was busy with knives and vegetables in his home’s kitchen. Kicha, dressed in a wee apron and chef’s cap has been served us with delicious cuisines.

Kicha started cooking at the age of 5, and soon he became a celebrity in this field. Thus his parents started a Youtube channel to share the cooking classes of Kicha with the world. As recognition to this little chef, Facebook acquired non-exclusive rights to his Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream video and paid him USD 2000.

The lovely Kicha and his parents have donated a part of this money to help the autistic children in Kerala. Kicha learned the art of Cooking from his mother Ruby, who is a Baker. Kicha’s father had uploaded over 20 videos in KIcha’s YouTube channel, in which, he explains the recipes of his experiments.

After getting Facebook’s appreciation, Young Kicha has become more famous and Chefs from Le Méridien Kochi and Marriott Hotel came to visit this young boy. Kicha is a student at Choice School in Kochi.

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