Monthly Archives: December 2016

Things are changing rapidly in the education sector

by Arun Jagannathan Even a decade back, learning in India meant that you attended a regular classroom session, and post classes, if you needed more clarification, you’d either have to wait till the next class, or you’d have to run to the library for extra

Cambridge English launches mobile learning apps for TKT

Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of the University of Cambridge) through their exams partner, Concepts Edu has launched mobile/online learning apps for the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) and the Linguaskill exams on their Flinnt technology platform. TKT is a flexible series of modular teaching qualifications

What after graduation?

by Neeti Sharma Graduating from college is a major milestone. Congratulations on this achievement. When you would have startedcollege you would have felt that you have many years to decide what you want to do after Graduation. While few know from the beginning where they are